"Justin DiFebbo's debut record is an alluring seduction, presenting an aural collision of Brian Wilson's songwriting, Neil Young's vocal vulnerability and Simon and Garfunkel's  simplistic complexity — all pinned against fresh-sounding Fountains of Wayne arrangements and soft-pop production."

So mused one reviewer about his first record, Turn Out the Light, Turn on the Stereo... and he was right.  DiFebbo draws heavily from the styles and feel of songs from previous eras.  Another critic writes " some cases, these styles have been left behind because they were so perfectly executed; in others, because they feel shrink-wrapped in another era – but DiFebbo sidesteps those pitfalls by continually incorporating his own unique post-modern quirkiness."

DiFebbo's 2016 release, Skin and Bones,  showcases a unique blend of lush vintage keyboard driven songs.  The singles from the album, Blue Melody and Adrift, combine Good Vibrations organ, Riders on the Storm electric piano, Crimson and Clover tremolo guitars with Floydian atomsphere and textures.  And now, DiFebbo presents a new standalone single, Sons and Daughters, which 

DiFebbo makes his home in the Philadelphia area... a scene that has influenced countless past masters.  Perhaps he came up in the wrong era.  Whether he's writing and recording his own songs, gigging out with the brilliant 60′s-esque AM pop group Summer Fiction, or playing Hammond Organ with his old blues rocking band K-Floor, DiFebbo always seems rooted in some sort of throwback reverie.  

Skin and Bones release date: March 4, 2016.

Quotes about Justin DiFebbo:

"Skin and Bones by Philadelphia's Justin DiFebbo is a dreamy mashup of indie rock, psychedelic, and acoustic sounds all melded into one summery record that is sweet and soulful.  In just ten tracks, DiFebbo takes us on a spacey journey that feels one part conventional pop album, one part movie soundtrack.  Blending together widely nuanced instrumentals with airy vocals, Skin and Bones is a musical journey that makes the young artist seem years ahead of his craft." - 24OurMusic

"It simply celebrates that sweet and lush psychedelic sound in the tradition of early '70s Pink Floyd, Big Star, and late '90s Flaming Lips.  The beauty and vitality of the songs more than justifies them having to be apologetic about their embrace of this now-classic sound.  Everything about it seems to have a kind of timeworn patina that makes it soothing, comfortable, and familiar." - Daily Vault

"Despite my appreciation and personal affection for the record, I realize that it may come across a bit sleepy at times to today's sophisticated Nickelback-charged iGeneration. However, anyone with "Harvest ears" certainly will recognize that this seven-song collection is a miniature-size modern masterpiece." - Christopher Long

"...a refreshing collection of Beach Boys/Simon and Garfunkel/Pink Floyd/Beatles-influenced material all woven into a magically unique tapestry that is clearly DiFebbo's." - Ink 19

"Justin DiFebbo steps out to the front of the stage and makes a strong case for the spotlight with the soulful and psychedelic blues-drenched folk-rock, memorable melodies and creative arrangements of his very promising debut solo effort, Turn Out The Light, Turn On The Stereo." - Justin Kreitzer

"This seven-song journey accomplishes something bigger than paying tribute to these largely discarded song styles. It makes their absence from the current musicscape feel like a minor tragedy." - Nick DeRiso